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Most of our treatments come with a very generous warranty period. However due to the nature of some pests and the types of control methods allowed, it is sometimes impossible to offer long warranties

Proven Pest Control is not like other Pest Management companies. We are confident in our ability to protect your home which is why we offer Warranty on our work.

Something that should be understood, Pests never ‘come back‘ (once a cockroach is dead, it’s dead!) however environmental pressures, climatic conditions or an explosion in pest numbers can see pest migrate to your home after it has been treated.

In some circumstances the initial treatment may not have been able to affect every single harbourage or nest in your home. That is why we offer the strongest warranties in the business.

Things you need to know about our Warranty

Depending on the type of pest treated, we offer you a full  return policy Warranty. That is; where if you have a ‘re-infestation’ of the treated pest, or the treatment has not effectively dealt with the problem, you can call us back and we will re-treat free of charge.

Some things you should know:

  • Warranty claims become ineligible if you have failed to implement all of our verbal and written recommendations including: disturbing treated areas, building and garden alterations, by the introduction of infested materials or using store bought pest sprays.
  • Warranty claims are known as ‘Service Calls’. A service call is not a complete re-treatment but a thorough investigation and re-application to the area that only the technician identifies as the source.
  • The average Service call will only take 15mins to complete.
  • Warranty does not begin again from a service call. The Warranty begins from the initial date of the completed treatment and then continues until the date of expiration.
  • On annual services we send reminder letters to you 1 month before the treatment is due. We encourage you to book in your renewal service within 7 days of the anniversary to increase the efficacy of the treatment meaning you will not have to call us back because you won’t have a problem!
  • You must contact us immediately if you suspect the treatment is not working. We do not get upset by service calls, we want you to let us know, after all, this is what you have paid for. However, Warranty only begins 5 weeks AFTER your treatment has been completed. This is the normal time for when most pest treatments become effective.
  • Even though we will really try for you, we cannot always fit you in immediately as our business operates on ‘pre-bookings’ where a majority of clients book a month in advance. Because we want you to be happy, we do everything we can to service your home as soon as possible.
  • We keep accurate records of our services both for your benefit and the benefit of training our technicians. We always aim to send the same technician to your home to rectify the situation as the Technician is familiar with your property. 
  • Our Technicians usually take service calls personally! Yes, personally! They aren’t offended by your warranty claim but are perturbed that they may have missed something in their treatment. For our Technicians it is about professionalism and wanting to be the best at what they do. We are proud of this response and encourage it.

The warranties carried out by Proven Pest Control are the highest level warranties in the industry but what do they cover? Possibly the easiest way to explain this is to differentiate between our general pest warranties and termite warranties:

Residential Pest Control Warranty         Residential Pest Control Warranty

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