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Termite treatments depending on what we have carried out and what treatment agent has been used. Warranty is  only available if a Two-part treatment has been completed

 Each year to maintain the warranty, an inspection is required. Most of our customers take this opportunity to have their home treated for other pests and this attracts a combination discount!

We are committed to ensuring the quality of service and results for all of our clients, in both residential & commercial industries.

Termite Inspections

There is no warranty given or implied as a result of the inspection or report. The report can only give details of what was found on the day and at the time of the inspection. Termites can gain entry to the structure at any time. We highly advise you to read the report in full and to carry out any recommendations listed in the report, this includes any Termite Preventative measures.

Termite Treatments

Our warranties vary depending on the treatment you have had done:

Termite barriers for existing homes receive a 12-month warranty.

HomeGuard installations receive the manufacturer warranty of 50 years (subject to annual inspections as required under Australian Standards)

Reticulated system installation receive the manufacturer warranty of 50-years on the hardware & 5 years for the chemicals (subject to annual inspections as required under Australian Standards)

  1. If within a 12 month period after the initial treatment termites return to the externals of a property, we will spot treat that area at no charge.
  2. If within a 12 month period after the initial treatment termites are found inside a home, Proven Pest Control will undertake a termite baiting program to eradicate both the termites present AND the associated colony and we will do this at no charge to the customer.

 We are a fully insured company with Pacific International Insurance and again, can provide details of this if required.

After the initial 12 month period from treatment, by Australian Standards 3660, there should be a quarterly inspection done on the property if there was a previous Termite Infestation and if the annual inspection is not undertaken, the warranty becomes void. 

TIMBERSECURE – Termite Insurance

What is TimberSecure?

It’s an insurance policy that homeowners can purchase after having a full termite treatment installed.

It provides peace of mind by offering $100,000 for timber replacement if termite damage occurs. For a single policy payment of $420 (inclusive of all government charges), you will be covered for 5 years.

During the 5 year policy period you must have the recommended termite inspections carried out. These inspections are organised between you and your technician. The insurance policy is between you and Pacific International. 

Benefits for you

  • Five-year coverage from the installation date of the approved termite management system
  • Covers timber damage to the value of $100,000
  • You pay no excess
  • The policy is fully transferable to the new owners if the home is sold
  • Regular inspections of your home are required

All inspections and treatments comply with the Australian Standard AS3660.

Contact us for more information about Termite Insurance for your home.

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