Our Termite Inspection Penrith Division specialises in Termite Inspections in the Penrith area. As a testament to the quality of our service, we provide pest control solutions to thousands of clients every year with all of them returning the following year!

A termite inspection is the first step in termite management

Termite Inspection PenrithTermites and the termite swarm have been part of Penrith for millions of years. Also commonly known as white ants they are resilient and persistent, being found, on average, in every third Sydney property.

Sydney conditions are particularly suitable for termites. The Australian standard recommends that a termite inspection be carried out every 12 months and more often in high risk areas.

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The Termite Inspection Penrith Process

Each Inspection should take between 1.5hrs to 2hrs

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When a termite inspection is carried out, all accessible areas of the home or building are accessed. In each of the areas inspected, the inspector is gaining a knowledge of the risk factors, any previous activity and corresponding damage and is assessing what methods of control might need to be put in place to ensure that no infestation happens in the future.

An inspection by Proven Pest Control will always be accompanied by a report which will detail all findings and recommendations. It will also contain any recommendations for ongoing management.

Inspections are a must before treatment

A full inspection should be carried out to a building before any treatment for termites is undertaken. This will allow the technician to properly ascertain where any termites exist before the treatment starts.



Termites are a threat to all homes

As we live in such a high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting and pre-construction barriers. We provide quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions by locals backed by the assurance that comes from the Proven Pest Control name.

Termatrac Termite Radar

The best available non-intrusive termite inspection device.

Comprising of a Termite Detection Radar, Remote Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor, coupled with Data Storage, Analysis and Presentation, the Termatrac T3i is the most advanced device in the world developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.
It allows termite inspections and treatments to be completed more accurately saving time and chemicals.

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Signs of Termite Activity

The most common and often first sign of a Termite infestation in Penrith, that the unsuspecting home-owner finds will be Bubbling or cracked paint, damaged skirtings or Window and door frames.

In some cases sagging floors are indicative of extensive termite damage—often enough to render the structure unfit for occupancy.

The next sign of termite infestation may catch the eye of home owners that spend a lot of time outside or in the subfloor—mud tunnels. These pencil-sized tubes are found protruding from exterior walls and provide termites with protection and moisture.

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Termite Protection and/or Treatments

Termite control requires a strategic and integrated approach.  There are no “one size fits all” tactics for termite treatment

– Proven Pest Control will investigate your particular situation and  customise a termite treatment to suit.

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Termite Inspections in Penrith
Termite Inspections in Penrith

Termite Inspections in Penrith Termite Inspection in Penrith, NSW 2750 A Termite Inspection can be your first line of defense termites. So, a termite inspection is a vital tool in keeping your home termite-free. We have a huge amount of experience in termite protection and treatments. Such as termite inspections, monitoring, baiting and pre-construction barriers. A termite inspection is the most important part of any termite management program. And when we begin a termite inspection, we try to perform a thorough inspection. So, we check all areas of the building including, the surrounding gardens for termite activity and damage. We look for any possible risk factors that may cause termites attacks in your home. These risk factors include things like previous termite activity and damage to the building. Also conducive items such as rotting timbers can be a risk factor. A Termite Inspection will take between 1.5hrs to 2hrs. After finishing the inspection, we will fix the methods of control to avoid any future attack. The client will get a complete report of his findings and guidance.