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Possums: Control and Prevention

PEST CONTROL POSSUMS Possums are mostly arboreal marsupials. Two species of possums are encountered by pest controllers as occasional intruders in buildings, they are the Commong Ringtail and Common Brushtail Possum. Possums naturally live in cavities of trees. They shelter there during the day, and emerge to feed & explore at night. Possums enter roof

Rats & Mice: Treatment and Prevention

RODENT CONTROL The presence of rats and mice in buildings is usually regarded as undesirable from the viewpoint of food spoilage and contamination, physical damage and the transmission of diseases to humans. Rats and mice are responsible for enormous losses of food in storage, either by directly eating the foods or by rendering them inedible

Termites: Control and Prevention

Termites are insects belonging to Order Isoptera. They were often called “White Ants”; however, apart from their social habit of living in colonies as several forms of castes, in appearance they donot resemble true ants. Termites are mostly pale brown to white, have no constriction between thorax and abdomen, and have beaded antennae.  Reproductive forms

Silverfish: Control and Prevention

PEST CONTROL SILVERFISH Silverfish are very primitive insects that constitute Order Thysanura. In Australia, this rather small insect order is represented by only 28 described species. These pest species restrict their activities to relatively undisturbed areas such as bookcases, storage rooms and cielings, where they may damage paper, fabrics and other materials. Within buildings, silverfish

Termite Inspection Penrith – Prices From $180

Our Termite Inspection Penrith Division specialises in Termite Inspections in the Penrith area. As a testament to the quality of our service, we provide pest control solutions to thousands of clients every year with all of them returning the following year! A termite inspection is the first step in termite management Termites and the termite swarm have been part of Penrith for

Termite Reticulation Refill

The reticulation system allows for the reinstatement of a chemical barrier around the foundations of the home utilising a network of underground pipes. Using precise control of the chemical application, this system helps to protect against invasion by termites which would otherwise enter from the outside of your home. Chemical levels in the reticulation system

Pre-Construction Termite Management

Renovating, extending or building a brand new home? The Building Regulations 2006 requires all new houses, including extensions to have some form of termite management solution against termite attack! A new building must have its structural members protected against the concealed entry of subterranean termites in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000 We can

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