DIY Termite Treatment

They attack house frames, wall linings including plaster board, cupboards, skirtings, windows and door frames, carpets, plastic coating on electrical wiring and even books, artwork, clothing and personal papers! The big question is: how can termites be stopped from destroying your home? There are 2 options that you can do yourself and save thousands of

Flies: Treatment and Prevention

The term ‘Fly’, in proper usage, refers to those insects which belong to ‘Order Diptera’. Some familiar members of the order are houseflies, blowflies, mosquitoes, midges, gnats, hover flies, and fruit flies. Perhaps the most widespread factor contributing to the pest status of flies is the extent to which their flying habit is a source

Ants: Treatment and Prevention

ANTS IN NSW Ants are often regarded as a ‘nuisance’ pest. Small mounds of dirt, resulting from their digging are considered unsightly along garden paths, on balconies, around skirting boards, and window frames. Their burrowing can often cause concrete paths to crack. Ants can present a health risk to homes, and businesses. They often carry

Pest Control

Spring Backyard Blitz – Preparing the Pool

Proudly brought to you by Pest Control Sydney Follow this 12-point guide on pool maintenance to keep your outdoor oasis clean, healthy and ready for summer Who can resist a quick morning dip, an after-work water workout, or a boisterous weekend splash with the kids? The backyard swimming pool is the ideal place to while