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The leading cause of damage to residential solar power systems are rodents, possums and birds under the panels. Also, the buildup of leaves and debris under your solar panels can cause a loss in solar panel efficiency.

Are Your Solar Panels A Fire Hazard?

Birds, Rats, and Possums can chew cables and insulation wires that makeup the solar panels. They can break the electrical connection, and cause some the panels to no longer work, or even catch fire! 

The Solar panels on your roof are the perfect place for these pests to nest because they are warm and dry, and they can provide shelter from predators. These nesting creatures can create real damage to your panels that will generate service/repair calls and, on occasion, shorten the life of the system components. The right protective barriers can keep the pests out and prevent any damage or fire.

fire solar panel
chewed wire

Extensive Damage To Solar Panels

Every year birds, rats and possums cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to solar panels. Over time, bird nests, droppings and debris can cause considerable damage to solar panels. When birds build nests under solar panels, they attract other pests, such as rats. These pest can chew through a solar panel’s electrical wiring, which may lead to shorts and rooftop fires. Finally, bird nests and droppings can harbor any of 60 diseases—like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, even the West Nile virus

Solar Panel Protection

Solar Panel Bird and Pest Proofing WireThe most effective way to protect your solar panels its to prevent the pests from gaining access below them. If the cannot get below the solar panels they will not nest there.

We fit a specifically designed mesh directly to the solar panels to prevent these pests from nesting under the panels. Our Solar Panel mesh solution is designed and fitted using a system that will not damage the solar panels or impact their warranty.  If required the mesh can be removed quickly and easily.

Pricing and Quotations

The cost of a solar panel protection install is dependant on the size of the system in place and the access equipment required for the install (cherry pickers or scaffolding may be required for delicate roofs). Our prices start from as little as $250, a small price to pay for the lifetime protection of your home and solar panels.

If you would like a quote contact us today; all our Technicians hold current Work at Heights Permits.

Solar Panel Bird and Pest Proofing Wire

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