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Rodents and Rodent Control in Penrith

Rodents can damage buildings, contaminate food, and transmit diseases to people. They’re also adaptable, capable of learning by trial and error.


Introduced rat species to the Penrith area can carry the potentially fatal lung worm and excrete the parasite larvae through the faeces, the parasites can then infect snails and slugs,


Where there is an abundance of rodents you have an abundance of shelters and food provided. It will have a great impact on reducing the rodent populaion if you remove or reduce these factors.


  • All openings greater than 1/4″ should be sealed to exclude mice, but it may be impossible to seal all openings.
  • All openings greater than 1/2″ should be sealed to exclude rats.
  • Likely access points for rodents are where utility lines come into walls, as well as openings around air conditioning, drain pipes and vents.
  • Look for broken basement windows, warped doors, and unscreened vents as possible points of entry. All spaces beneath doors should be checked if the opening is too large and reduced if needed.
  • Roofs shold be checked to see that shingles are donw tight and sheathing is complete. Also check roof ventilators, screen vents and luvered in wall vents.

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