Silverfish are very primitive insects that constitute Order Thysanura. In Australia, this rather small insect order is represented by only 28 described species. These pest species restrict their activities to relatively undisturbed areas such as bookcases, storage rooms and cielings, where they may damage paper, fabrics and other materials.

Within buildings, silverfish may be found almost anywhere. While frequently found in roof cavities, they may also occur in wall voids, subfloor areas and many places within the dwelling parts of premises.

Silverfish Control

Owing to the often widespread distribution of silverfish within premises, it is usually necessary to use a combination of treatments to achieve effective levels of control. Often, the areas in which silverfish dwell are not suited to wet sprays.  Dusts when applied, provide a good residual control. The application of space sprays such as mists, fogs or aerosols, can be a useful back-up to a surface spray. Surface sprays should be applied to surfaces on which silverfish rest or travel.

Pest Control Silverfish

Silverfish Damage
Silverfish Prevention

Inspecting incoming goods that may harbour silverfish, such as second-hand books and furniture, may help to avoid infestation. As well, books, papers, files and so on should be stored in light and airy conditions. Books hidden away in closed cabinets, particularly if infrequently opened, can provide very suitable conditions for silverfish. In kitchen areas, tight containment of foods and frequent cleaning of scraps and crumbs helps to reduce the suitability of that environment to silverfish.


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