Possums are mostly arboreal marsupials. Two species of possums are encountered by pest controllers as occasional intruders in buildings, they are the Commong Ringtail and Common Brushtail Possum.

Possums naturally live in cavities of trees. They shelter there during the day, and emerge to feed & explore at night. Possums enter roof voids when their natural nesting sites have been removed, mainly through broken tiles, damaged eaves & displaced ridge capping.

When in the roof they make noises at night, urinate & defecate on ceiling plaster, causing stains and odours. Chimneys are also favoured sheltering places.

Possum Control

Possums are protected animals and thus we are not permitted to harm or kill them. The only way to remove possums is by trapping them.

We use the highest quality traps and bait that is simply irresistible to them. Once the traps are set by our qualified technicians, it is usually only a short time before they are caught.

Once the possum is caught, we will come to remove and relocate the possum.


Possum Removal

Possum Trap
Possum Prevention

As there aren’t many natural hollowed out trees in suburban areas, possums invade the roofs of both domestic and commercial properties.  This often causes considerable damage to roofs, ceilings and electrical wiring.

Proper possum control is obtained by not only blocking the obvious entry points, but also by strengthening susceptible gaps and holes. This additional prevention deters possums from forcing their way into your property in the future.


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