Penrith Residents Bitten By December Mozzies

Penrith Residents were left itching and scratching like never before as mosquitoes descended there in droves over the Christmas period.

Some prime mozzie breeding conditions occurred after the warmest spring on record, December rainfall and flooding of local wetlands by higher tides.

Westmead Hospital’s Medical Entomology Director, Dr Stephen Doggett, said it was one of our worst starts to the mosquito season in recent history.

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Salt Marsh Mosquito

“The concern is for dangerous mosquito-bourne diseases” he said

  The Salt Marsh mosquito is the worst flying pest this year; almost black with striped legs, it is breeding prolifically around the Penrith area.

  These Mosquitoes, which normally travel between 5km-10km from their breeding sites, have been recorded as far as 50km from these mudflats.

  “Each insect can deposit more than 100eggs Dr Doggett said. “The mosquito-bourne viruses need and animal host , usually a kangaroo or wallaby.”

  Dr Doggett described this as a risk year for viruses, which haven’t been seen in Penrith or Western Sydney for several years, due to  small numbers.

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