How to control household ants

How to control household Ants

Ants in dry areas will come inside looking for water, like at the base of a pot plant.


Even the cleanest home can have issues with ants. Ant seek two things in a house; food and water, and as such, are attracted to bathrooms and toilets.

They’ll soon track inside to water or syrups in kitchens, and as many pest control professionals would attest, even spotless cupboards can play host to ants by the hundred.

It is a good idea to advise clients to keep sugars, syrups, or anything else which attracts ants in airtight containers, or in the refrigerator. Similarly, pet bowls are an attractant to ants, so it is often a good idea to create a moat of water around these bowls so the ants are unable to cross the water to get to the food.

The downside is, however, the water, particularly if left for a day or two, could bring mosquitoes, so ensure the water is always fresh.

Pet bowls are best placed outside of the home, with the pet being fed only enough for one meal, and not lease any leftover or wash up the bowl after the pet has finished eating.

Clients should be advised to keep their kitchens clean with lemon or vinegar, because acidic things repulse ants, which leave a chemical trail behind them when they find food or water to let others know where to go; by wiping these trails with something acidic, the chain will break.

A line of baby powder, chalk or baking powder can also act as a deterrent to ants, but it will only a be a stop-gap ‘band-aid’ remedy, as killing off the nest is the only sure way to eliminate ants as the queen needs to be killed which will then kill off the whole colony.

Nests can hold tens of thousands of ants, and some homes may host multiple nests. Ants were particularly busy in the latter stages of 2018, mainly because of the extra hot, dry weather.

They will flare up and start coming inside at the first sight of a little rain. If the ants have nested in a wall cavity, it might take multiple visits to rid of the home of them.

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