Hope the bedbugs don’t bite


Professional pest controllers are advised to stress on their clients the importance of ensuring that families are not attacked by these little pests by employing you to rid the home of them.

Mahogany to red-brown, these pests are flat, broad and oval when unfed, but swell and become elongated when fed. They range to about .65cm in size, attack humans to suck blood; this is their way of getting nourishment. This leaves the skin feeling itchy, with reddish bumps, with the possibility of people becoming anemic through the blood-sucking.

They are very mobile, but only move short distanced to feed, so are commonly found near food (blood) sources. Generally Bed Bugs are more of a nuisance pest than a serious health threat. There is no evidence they transmit any infectious disease.

Bed Bugs can live up to 6 months at room temperature and can survive for long periods without a blood meal. They usually feed during the night, but won’t hesitate if whenever the opportunity arises.

As they’re flat, they can stay well-hidden in narrow cracks and crevices. They are most commonly found on mattresses, particularly along the stitched edges where there are folds that help to conceal them. They are also found on bed frames, picture frames, bedside furniture, behind furniture, in cracks around the home such as carpet edges, behind skirting boards or between floor boards.

They are transferred by luggage, suitcases, bags, curtains, clothes etc.

Bed Bugs are mostly attack to suck blood; they are parasites that only get nourishment through this route:

Other health concerns that are relation to Bed Bug infestation are:-

Allergies: These do not occur to everyone. Some show mild forms and others, extreme reactions that call for medical intervention.

Infections: By piercing your skin, bed bugs make way for pathogenic agents to enter your body and to cause systemic infections.

Sleep Deprivation: Bed Bugs are generally nocturnal (night feeders). They’ll attack you at night when you are asleep, thus interfering with your rest. In some cases, they may lead to insomnia (complete lack of sleep).

Metal Conditions: The annoyance from the pest contributes to mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis (in dire cases).

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