Controlling Indian Myna Birds in Blacktown

Originally introduced to control insects in the Melbourne and northern Queensland areas, common Myna birds today are seen as an invasive pest all of their own.
All About Myna Birds
Indian Myna Bird Pest Control Blacktown
Indian Myna Bird
Native to southern Asia, the Indian Myna bird was introduced into Aussie lands in 1862 in order to control insect pests and other creatures, like beetles and grasshoppers, in the north eastern regions of the country.
However, in past decades, myna birds have spread rapidly across the east coast of Australia and are now considered pests due to the damage they can cause in urban areas and the threats they pose to native wildlife within areas such as Blacktown. 
Myna Birds As Pests
Today, myna birds are considered pests in the Blacktown area for a number of specific reasons. They typically:
  •  Cause damage to grain, crops and fruit, making them economic pests
  •  Threaten native wildlife by stealing nesting spots; in particular, hollow-nesting wildlife like kookaburras, rosellas, cockatoos and sugar gliders are at risk 
  • Spread mites and disease to other animals, as well as humans
  • Damage buildings and areas with roosts and droppings 
  • Hang around urban areas where people commonly dwell
  • Steal food from native animals, as well as household pets 
  • Nests and roots can attract other pests, like rats/mice
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Controlling Myna Birds – What Works
Trapping is considered the best pest control solution for controlling Indian Mynas, since many other methods (see below) often do not yield good results.
  • Quality traps should be used – and in most cases traps should be sold (or leased) to your customer, so that they can perform the trapping
  • If your customer asks you/your company to manage the process, you will need to explain that trapping is very time consuming and can entail high costs
Habitat Modification is also a good option for treating myna problems.
  • Proof any habitual dwelling areas (e.g. roof voids) in nearby structures
  • Eliminate food sources (like pet food, food scraps, open rubbish) that can attract the birds
Controlling Myna Birds – What Doesn’t Work
Controlling Myna birds on behalf of clients can be challenging, especially due to their large flock numbers. While a thorough treatment plan should be developed for the specific area, the following methods often do not prove 100% successful:
  • Spike proofing
  • Netting
  • Electric track systems
Baiting is also not a good option for Indian Myna control, since they communicate regularly and will stop feeding on certain substances if warned in advance by other birds. 
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