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Some ant species live in colonies that are supported by a single queen while others are supported by multiple queens. Although there are 1,300 ant species known in Australia, there are relatively few that we commonly see as pests. 

Some of the main ant pests common to Sydney are: Black House Ant, Carpenter Ant, Fire Ant, Green Head Ant, Bull Dog Ant.

While a wide range of do it yourself products are available for ants, many times effective control requires a professional pest control service to gain control and prevent recurrence.
Proven Pest Control technicians are skilled, experienced professionals – they are state certified, licensed applicators and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise. 

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They understand the habits of each species and use that knowledge when developing a control program for your home. They also have respect for you, your family, your home, your business and your time.

Once they’ve identified your ants, they can use a range of powerful insecticides to deal with them efficiently. This gives you the reassurance that the problem has been fully dealt with. One particular product is Syngenta’s “Optigard” Gel. 
Pest ControlOptigard Ant Bait Gel is a highly palatable gel bait with a non-repellent active ingredient that is transferred back to the nest, eliminating ant colonies at the source; the Queen.

Treatments are targeted to your specific ant species in order to solve the problem quickly, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets.
Once the ants have been dealt with, you can take precautions to stop them coming back. One particularly important precaution is covering any food in storage areas – you don’t know where ants have been walking before they march across your food.
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