Solar Panel Bird and Pest Proofing

SOLAR PANEL PEST PROOFING The leading cause of damage to residential solar power systems are rodents, possums and birds under the panels. Also, the buildup of leaves and debris under your solar panels can cause a loss in solar panel efficiency. Are Your Solar Panels A Fire Hazard? Birds, Rats, and Possums can chew cables

Residential Pest Control Warranty

The warranties carried by Proven Pest Control are considered at the highest level in the industry. This means that you can relax and leave all the worrying about pests to our highly trained and professional technicians. What Happens After My Treatment In the days after your treatment, you will see less pests, however after 14days the

The Australian cockroach – an Australian pest

The Australian Cockroach Appearance: The Australian cockroach is a common species of tropical cockroach, with a length of 23–35 mm. It is brown overall, with the tegmina having a conspicuous lateral pale stripe or margin, and the pronotum with a sharply contrasting pale or yellow margin. Habitat: The Australian cockroach is one of several species

How to rid of German Cockroaches – worldwide pest

How to rid of German cockroaches German cockroaches are well-known indoor cockroaches with a distribution that is world-wide. Smaller than other types of cockroaches, the pests can hide in small spaces and hitch rides in bags, boxes, and many other infested items that are brought inside the home. In multi-unit apartment buildings, they can easily

Residential Pest Control

RESIDENTIAL PEST CONTROL Pests are a risk to the health of your Business, home, your children and your pets. Choosing specialists to deal with a pest problem is as important as choosing the right doctor to look after your family. Proven Pest control experts are knowledgeable at curbing the root of the pest control problem,

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