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A Pest-Free Penrith Home Often Starts With a Clean Kitchen

Kitchens have always been a familiar gathering place in the home. However, in addition to attracting family and friends, common household pests often stake out the kitchen as their nesting grounds due to the abundance of food and hiding places. Proven Pest Control reminds homeowners that it is typically this time of year many pests

Campbelltown Residents Bitten By December Mozzies

Campbelltown Residents were left itching and scratching like never before as mosquitoes descended there in droves over the Christmas period. Some prime mozzie breeding conditions occurred after the warmest spring on record, December rainfall and flooding of local wetlands by higher tides. Westmead Hospital’s Medical Entomology Director, Dr Stephen Doggett, said it was one of

Dust Mites In Penrith

Dust Mites are a cosmopolitan group of arthropods that refer to a number of species which are normally found in the home. The most common species in Penrith is Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus from the family Pyroglyphidae. Dust mites live in the fine layer of minute dust particles that continually settles on household items. They are found

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