Termidor – quality means confidence in termite treatments

Termidor – quality means confidence Proven Pest Control installs a number of reticulation systems and uses a combination of both physical and chemical barriers for termite protection of all buildings. Proven Pest Control is a long time Termidor user and it is the only product we use to provide the chemical barrier for underslab and

Redback spider bites: the facts

There have been no deaths in Australia from a confirmed spider bite since 1979, according to the Australian Museum. An effective antivenom for redback spiders was introduced in 1956, and one for funnel-web spiders in 1980. They are the only two spiders that have caused deaths in Australia in the past. About 2000 people are bitten each year

7 Signs You Might Have Termites

Here are 7 signs of termites that you might have these unwanted guests living in your home: 1. Head banging Not yours, but the termite soldiers! You may be wondering what do termites sound like? One sign of termites is quite clicking sounds coming from your walls. Soldier termites bang their heads against the wood or

Cannibal Cockroaches

For some people, even the mention of cockroaches sends shivers down their spines. These crawling insects are synonymous with notions of dirtiness, and rightly so. Cockroaches are known for spreading diseases such as salmonella, and also triggering allergies and asthma! But did you know on top of these unhygienic ideologies cockroaches also portray another unpleasant

Super Rats and Giant Rats – Fact or Fiction?

Before Superman and Batman hit the big screen, the news has been filled with stories of people spotting giant rats in their homes and businesses with tales of indestructible super rats. With all this media attention around these new “breeds” of rodents, it was about time some truth was shone on these urban legends. Super

How To Save Your Home From Termites

A little known fact is most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage. They can be eating away at the timbers in your house and garden for years before you even notice the damage — hidden inside walls, floors, roofs or behind paint on hollowed out woodwork. So taking termite prevention measures is a

10 Home Remedies for Insect Stings

So, what should you do for a wasp sting? And what could you put on a bee sting to stop the pain? Find out how to treat wasp and bee stings with items found around your home. Almost everyone has become victim to the wrath of a stinging insect in their lifetime. We all know how painful

Keeping an eye out – Common pests in your business

No, we’re not talking about employees who chew too loudly or take your food from the fridge. We’re talking about smaller pests of the insect or rodent variety which might be found in your office. A lot of people keep a close eye out for pests in their own home but forget all about the

How to Prevent Insect Bites

From mosquitoes to bed bugs, biting insects can be a bit of a nuisance, especially considering how much those tiny red marks itch!No matter what season there is always one species of biting insect ready to feast upon you when you. At least, with stinging insects you get a break during autumn, winter and spring!

Deterring pesky birds

If you are anything like me, you have a healthy fear of birds. The advantage they have over you, being able to fly, swoop and attack with precision, makes them enemy number one. Therefore, any deterrent for birds is golden and advice I use in everyday situations. However what can my workplace, or better yet,