Proven Pest Control Dapto provides services starting at $79 and is dedicated to providing a premium pest control and termite services to the Dapto, NSW 2530 area. We provide our services at a fraction of the price of other pest control companies. The Proven Pest Control Dapto team values and cares about their clients. This is reflected in our customers loyalty to us. We pride ourselves on offering friendly and expert service with no hidden charges.

Proven Pest Control in Dapto offer only the highest standard of treatments according to the Australian Standards. So, we make sure the safety of your home  and business by using the most advance products available. If you have any concerns about the well-being and safety of kids and pets, contact us. We will be happy to explain what we do. And we will design a plan that’s right for you.

Regardless of your pest issue, we will combine our experience and knowledge with on-going training to provide you the best. As we want to implement the most effective pest management system for you.

You can get great rates on pest control anywhere in Dapto, NSW 2530 area. You just need to call us.

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Expert Pest Control Services in Dapto

Proven Pest Control Dapto specialises in residential pest control. So you can be sure that all our pest control technicians are properly licensed and fully trained in all aspects of pest control. This makes sure that the services we carry out for our clients are highly effective. Part of our pest control service in Dapto is to look at your overall pest problem within your home. And we advise you if there are other pests that you should be made aware of.


Our Pest Control Technicians will discuss with you a pest control solution. And it will aid you to take control of what is happening in your home and/or the environment in which you are living in.

Controlling pests is an important part of regular residential maintenance. Other pests like cockroaches, rats and mice can cause illness or spread disease, at the same time spider bites can be deadly. Also,some pests are just unsightly

Keeping your family and pets safe is vital. You can check our ‘pests’ section to find simple, handy hints about it. There you will get to know about what you can do to limit problems from all sorts of annoying bugs around your home.

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Termite Inspections Dapto – Prices from $180Termite Inspection and Treatment in Dapto, NSW 2530

A termite inspection in Dapto, NSW 2530 can be your first line of defense termites. Dapto is a high-risk area for termites. So, a termite inspection is a vital tool in keeping your home termite-free. We have a huge amount of experience in termite protection and treatments. Such as termite inspections, monitoring, baiting and pre-construction barriers.

We offer effective pest control and termite solutions to Dapto locals. It’s quick, safe and responsive. And Proven Pest Control makes sure the 100% quality of the service.

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Important: If you see Termites in your home, DON’T disturb them. Disturbing them will make it tough to treat them. And it can add thousands of dollars to the cost of treatment. It will void warranty as well.

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Termite Inspection Process

A termite inspection in Dapto, NSW 2530 is the most important part of any termite management program. And when we begin a termite inspection, we try to perform a thorough inspection. So, we check all areas of the building including, the surrounding gardens for termite activity and damage. We look for any possible risk factors that may cause termites attacks in your home. These risk factors include things like previous termite activity and damage to the building. Also conducive items such as rotting timbers can be a risk factor.

A Termite Inspection in Dapto will take between 1.5hrs to 2hrs.

After finishing the inspection, we will fix the methods of control to avoid any future attack. The client will get a complete report of his findings and guidance.

Termite Treatments in Dapto

So before any termite treatment in Dapto can begin, a full termite inspection must be carried out by a trained technician. The inspection is essential, as there may be other areas in the building that are also infested with termites. Also, a full eradication is unlikely if the termites are not treated thoroughly.

Termite Treatment Process

So there are two types of termite treatments available for the Dapto area: Prevention and Eradication. A preventative treatment prevents termites entering the home by creating a barrier which kills them as they come into contact with it. This involves digging a trench around the perimeter of the house, the sub-floor, around walls and piers. The Chemicals are poured into the trench and the soil is placed back. Concrete slabs, paths and driveways are also drilled and the chemical is injected into each hole with an average house requiring around 450lts of chemical to be used.

Termite Treatments are complex. So it may take months to complete. The treatment needs to be done properly. Also the guidance provided by the technician should be followed perfectly. Otherwise, the eradication is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is essential that treatments are not tampered with and are only carried out by experienced termite technicians. The cost for a termite chemical barrier averages approx. $1800 and it is designed to last between 3 to 5 years.

Termite Infestation Treatment

A termite treatment to an infested home always consists of two parts.  And to avoid further damage to the building, a chemical is applied directly to the termites. This is the first part of the treatment. The last part includes creating the chemical barrier or monitoring stations around the house as described above. Also, this part of the treatment is to destroy any termites trying to re-enter the home. So, only a trained and skilled Technician can tell you which termite treatment is suitable in Dapto.

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We will beat any quote on a Termite treatment.

Our treatments  are affordable with no hidden costs.

Business Pest Control Services in Dapto

We manage the pest control needs of business clients within the Dapto area. So it has been a basic part of pest control in Dapto. Our valuable and long term experience can really make a difference.

Today, our specialist Commercial Division works behind the scenes at many of Dapto’s best known establishments. As we want to make sure a safe, pest free environment for staff and customers alike.

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Pest Control Dapto

Proven Pest Control Dapto represents very latest products and application techniques. So we make sure effective control with the lowest impact on the environment, people and non-target species, we use Integrated Pest Management techniques to advise on solutions to the infestation related issues, such as moisture, hygiene, ventilation and other conditions, pests find attractive.

Whatever your business is, you should not trust your valuable operation and reputation to anyone. It is best to use a proven, expert pest manager.

Pest Control Dapto, NSW 2530


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